Monday, December 8, 2008

The painting that almost killed me

©2008 Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli

If you follow my blog you've seen this image before. I posted the sketch way back when, and I made some silkscreen prints of it this past summer. You probably can't tell, but I have been working on this version, the painted version, for over a year. The textures that were originally on the paper are hidden under many layers of different coloured paint. If you look closely you might see a bit of the orange-pink base that I started with. I was never happy with the way the image looked so I kept adding more paint, trying to get it perfect. I just now decided that it's done - mostly because it's time for it to be done - I'm tired of thinking about it. The obsession ends today.

I made it for my friend Jammer. I hope he likes it.

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Lynne Chapman said...

I wasn't around to see the original sketches, so I am judging the image clean and on its own terms, and I think it is excellent. Worth the sweat and tears (though that's easy for me to say!).