Saturday, September 4, 2010

pipe smoking man... again

©2010 Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli

I've already posted a photo of this image, but thought i'd post it again since I was recently able to scan it... and nothing else that I'm working on is ready yet.

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matt dawson said...

He looks spookily like Harold Wislon (UK prime minister in the 1970's, known for his puffing on a pipe)... google "harold wilson pipe smoker" and see what I mean! A lovely character study. As always I love the way you pick out just the right details to capture the character. All your people seem so introspective (a good thing, it adds mystery)... maybe you explore your own introspective psyche through your work, or is that reading in too much ;)

As alway I'm loving the vicarious thrills of traveling round europe via Cubby B. You must have the makings of many childrens books, sketch travel books, non fiction travel writings and at least one idea for a novel... I'm guessing... Case in point, the sketch book page for "paprike" peppers... have you seen the site "theydrawandcook"...? You've a submission right there I'd say. Where will it end...? I can see it now "Jacqueline's tasty travels" (well OK, some less cheesy title maybe!
As you're on a euro kid's book spree have you seen "Big Rabbit's Bad Mood"...? A wonderful book, think you'd like it.