Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the ball is rolling...


After a stressful and busy couple of weeks of packing and selling our stuff, we moved out of our house on Sunday. Big thank you to my family and Dario's friend, Colin, who helped us move. My parents drove for 10 hours to come pick up the stuff we're storing and bring it back to their place in Saskatchewan. The new owners took possession of our house and moved in yesterday. Even though it's what we want and we know we're going on to more exciting things, we were sad to leave our home. I had lived there for 6 years, Dario for 3. We had fixed it up quite a bit and we loved it.

Now that that part is over, I feel like I actually have time to relax now. Maybe even do some drawing.

We're down to our last 2 weeks in Calgary.

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