Thursday, May 14, 2009

good stuff


Today was my 29th birthday, and for the most part it was a lovely day.
• I had a laid back day at work (it's always nice when that happens)
• wore my favorite gray dress for the first time this spring
• came home to balloons, sparklers and a message written in chalk on the sidewalk and the street in front of our house
• enjoyed a meal of sushi, miso soup and green tea ice cream
• held hands with my sweetheart


Lisandro said...

It´s a little bit late but happy birthday!. I´m Lisandro from Argentina. I invite you to see my blog:
I´m moving it to Blogger, so we can be friends! =) I´m interested about stuff of your country. I hope you are ok. I send you a kiss!

Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

Thanks. What ever you want to know about Canada - just ask. I'm happy to oblige :)

Lisandro said...

Ok.. thank you!. I hope we can be friends.This is my new blog:
(is under construction). Some day I would like to write something about your country, in english (if I can)..
Kisses 4 U!