Monday, May 5, 2014

may update

Things around here have finally started to wind down.

I sent off the finished art for my next picture book, Charlie's Dirt Day by Andrew Larsen, at the end of March. It was a ton of work, even more work than the first book, but it was worth it. I'm pretty happy with the art and and am so excited to see what the designer will do to with the text and the layouts and the cover to bring it all together.

It's slated for release in September.

I also managed to make 4 new prints for the Calgary Expo, which took place about a week ago. As usual, there was a lot of good art, great costumes and really lovely people at the expo. It was nice to see and reconnect with the people we met last year. My table was next to Mike Boldt's once again, in an attempt to create an unofficial children's section. He's an awesome guy and so talented. Check out his work here. The Expo was a lot of fun and my table did well so we've signed up to do it again next year.

My husband and I behind our Calgary Expo table. (Photo by Erin Larson)

I recently completed a few freelance assignments as well, which I'll share in the near future.

The illustration class that I teach at ACAD in the Extended Studies department is starting up this Wednesday. If you'd like to learn about illustration, there's still time to register.

All that aside, I'm now 29 weeks pregnant and we're just starting to prepare our home for the baby.  I'm cleaning out my studio to make room for my husband's desk as we're turning his office into the baby's room. We're going to paint, put together a crib and a change table, paint some book shelves, hang artwork... it's very exciting. I'll share some photos when it's all done.