Wednesday, March 5, 2014

march update

After months of silence in this space, I decided that it was time for an update. I've been working on my latest picture book, Charlie's Dirt Day, written by Andrew Larsen, since late last summer and have put all of my energy and time into making it the best that I possibly can.

And it's almost finished.

I've been working on the final art since early December and in a few weeks, all of the spreads will be complete. I'm pretty happy with the way the book is coming together and look forward to sharing some of the process and sketches in the months to come, leading up to the release of the book in September.

Once the book is finished, I have a few other projects awaiting my attention as well. There are wedding invitations, illustrated maps, portraits, and if there's time, some new prints for Calgary Comic Con at the end of April. I'll have a table there again this year.

I'm also expecting a baby boy this summer.

So there's lots of exciting things to look forward to.